Hülya Guruhan Küçükali

The artist, born in Istanbul, is a graduate of Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences. Having served in various civil society organizations for many years, the artist has held managerial, advisory, and earthquake coordination positions at the Turkish Red Crescent for many years. They are a founding member of the Organ Tissue and Cell Association.

They have worked as a press consultant within the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. They have also worked as a Turkish language teacher under the Ministry of National Education, starting in 2013.

They began their studies on Ebru art and received traditional Ebru training for a long time. Later, they focused on creating designs incorporating time and technology in their own style. While continuing their dimensional flower designs and Ebru works with different techniques, they were awarded first prize with their design called “Lewisia” in the international competition “Future Masters” held in the field of Ebru.

The artist, who works on the spiritual and healing aspects of Ebru art and explores the spiritual and behavioral changes that water and soil, which are inherent in this art, have on people, continues their research in this area.

They also carry out project studies with healthcare units and continue their work on the muscle system and attention problems in disadvantaged individuals. They have conducted extensive and arduous work to transfer the energy of water and soil onto fabric and enable those who carry this energy to feel it.

They have achieved a first in this field by transferring the power of soil from traditional methods onto fabric made of paper. The artist, who also has a brand called Meshk, has prepared a collection consisting of shirts and dresses, which was released for sale in 2021. In 2023, they have released a scarf and shawl collection called “Ottoman Sultans.” The artist, who continues their work at the “Baben Sanat” workshop they established in Istanbul’s Balat neighborhood, also continues to train students. You can see the artist’s works at various galleries and cultural centers in Istanbul, as well as at “Baben Sanat Atölyesi.”

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